Bike the World Heritage Historic Missions

Enjoy our casual bike rides, using the recently developed Mission Reach hike and bike trail which follows the contours of the breathtaking San Antonio River.  You will learn the history of Spanish Colonial Texas and explore the grounds of the mission compounds.

Mission San Jose

St. Anthony’s Sampler

4 hour bike tour
  • Tour Highlights: The Alamo, King William, Mission Concepcion, San Fernando Cathedral, Public Library, and the Tobin Center
  • Join us on a 4-hour tour where you’ll experience the sights of downtown on quiet backstreets as well as biking along the newly renovated trails of the San Antonio river to Mission Concepcion.
  • Tour price includes rental bike, helmet, water bottle and light snack.
  • Perfect for beginner level riders.

The Grand Tour

7 hour bike tour (lunch on your own)
  • Tour Highlights: The Alamo, King William district, Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, Espada Dam, Espada Aqueduct, Mission Espada, and Mission San Juan
  • Take the historic tour of all tours! Visit all five World Heritage mission sites by bike and really relish in the beauty and history that San Antonio has to offer. Starting downtown at The Alamo, you’ll spend quality time in the heart of the city and then pace yourself along the peaceful San Antonio River as we pedal along to reach the other missions. You will have a break for lunch with suggestions from our tour guides.
  • Tour price includes rental bike, helmet, water bottle and light snack.
  • Note: This tour is best for experienced riders

Custom Tours

We love building tours to show you exactly what you want to see and Experience in San Antonio. Contact us to schedule a custom tour and see the city from a unique, personalized view!

*Duration and price per person varies

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